Christmas Box Health & Safety Induction

Christmas Box is committed to keeping everyone safe as we work together.

Please read and fill out this Health & Safety form. After you’ve submitted this (and closer to the event date) you will be sent an admission ticket and directions to the packing warehouse.

Name *
Before packing begins you will be shown the location of:
+ Exits and emergency evacuation point + First Aid post + Toilets + And Key Team Leaders and the Health & Safety Leader will be introduced.
Personal Safety
+ Volunteers must be 15 years or older. + You must wear closed-toe footwear. + Watch out for yourself and others, and and be careful to avoid collision. + Take care when lifting and carrying. + Know your limits. If you need a lighter task, or a rest, please tell your team leader. + If you have an accident to your person please go to the First Aid post for attention. + The work pace may be fast, but it is best to keep a moderate pace. + You must be responsible for your own personal property & valuables.
I understand my responsibility for safety *
Hazards to watch for
+ Trip hazards on the floor, such as pallets, boxes and rubbish. + Slip hazards - spilled liquids, or food, broken glass etc. + Moving vehicles, pallet jacks and forklifts. + Box cutting - only the provided Safety Cutters are allowed to be used on site. It is still sometimes possible to be cut with these, so take care. + If moving a pallet, there are sometimes splinters. + Paper cuts from the edge of boxes is our most common accident, so be aware.
I am aware of potential packing site hazards *
+ In the event of fire or other disaster, promptly evacuate the building through the closest safe exit. + The assembly point will be out through the gates and towards the car park to the West of the building. + The Health & Safety leader will advise if/when it is safe to re-enter the building.
I understand the evacuation procedure *
Fork hoists
+ Forklifts will be on site. Only specifically appointed forklift license holders are permitted to use these. + Drivers are responsible to watch out for any potential hazard within 7 metres of their forklift. + Everyone else must keep clear of an operating forklift.
I understand the rules around forklifts *
+ If you see a hazard, or potential hazard, which could be a danger you should report that to your immediate team leader, or any Key Leader. + Any accident or incident requiring first aid must be reported in writing at the First Aid post. This will be recorded in the official register.
I understand the reporting procedure *
I have read, and understand, each section of this induction.

Thanks for completing this H&S form and committing to a safe Christmas Box event.